Emotional Eating Course

Emotional Eating groups provide a respectful, confidential and non-judgemental space where you can look at your relationship with food and understand how and why we use food for areas beyond energy and nutrition. You will be listened to, challenged and encouraged to take your new learning back to your every day life. The dates for the courses are yet to be confirmed, so please be in touch if you are interested. Generally speaking, you can do this course by attending:

E-E1 £20 per week:
• Six courses (dates to be confirmed)

and then continue with

E-E2 £20 per week:
• Six course (dates to be confirmed)


E-E combined course. Contains all the content of E-E1 & 2 in two, all-day Saturday courses. £240.
• dates to be confirmed

Max. 10 people per group. Courses take place at Norham Gardens.

After completing E-E1 or the combined course, you can also attend the six-month therapy group.